LOVOO - Online dating app for flirting, chatting

Lovoo offers a site and a dating application. Registration is free and use too, I tested Lovoo for a good month and so far I have not needed to invest a single penny in this app.

Before attacking the writing of this article, I first read the opinions of other bloggers about Lovoo. To my surprise the opinions are sometimes mixed. Personally, Lovoo is probably the dating site on which I spent the most time, it is clearly one of the sites that I liked the most.

I did not know in what year Lovoo was born. But it seems to me that this is a relatively new dating site. And yet Lovoo already has more than 70 million users in France and other countries.

Also, Lovoo attracts relatively young users. I would say most of the members are between 18 and 32 years old.

Quick overview of Lovoo features

You can use Lovoo directly from its website, at this address: https://www.lovoo.com. You will also find its application, available for iPhone and Android.

I see Lovoo as a community dating site. On the Lovoo search page, the member profiles are displayed according to the distances that separate us. From the nearest to the most distant.

Like many other trendy dating sites at the moment, Lovoo offers a “match” system. That consists of scrolling through the profiles and indicate in one click – or scrolling on smartphone – the members that interest us, or not. If two profiles “like each other” then we get a match.


Creating a profile on Lovoo is very fast. You can write a short presentation, and you can answer a dozen classic questions (Do you have children? Are you single? In which city do you live? Etc …). We add some photos and voila, our profile is created.

Finally, we can see the profiles with which we have a “match”, an affinity. And, according to some conditions that we will see below, we can see which member to like or just saw our profile.

Info & Details!

Lovoo is a German dating app! And god knows how good the Germans are! Lovoo is no exception to this rule and, according to the most complete app!

So yes, she is less popular than her competitor Tinder, only she is still much more efficient, better worked etc.

Many videos on this app are output on youtube, with tests etc. This is also what made its current popularity.

You must know that Lovoo is accessible on all media! This is not just an app, it can also be used on the computer with the website version (Lovoo.com)!

Lovoo is focused on dating. Serious, loving, simple flirt, but also and why not friendly meetings.

Moreover some features let me think more of a social network that an application meets, but I will return thereafter in the paragraph or I would talk about tools & company.

How it works ? Operation!

So I’ve already given you a taste a few lines above, but I’ll still go back to the principle of Lovoo. In my opinion it will not be too much.

Because you have to know that Lovoo is more like a social network than a classic dating app. Actually it’s a combo between the two.

The interface is as fluid as on a social network and the presentation of profiles is very similar. However at the level of the options we find the classics as on all the dating app.

We have the profile (more complete than on Tinder), messaging or chat call it as you want, radar, internal search etc …

And so, Lovoo works like any other app, you create your profile, and then you are connected with other members. Finally in relationship is a big word, since we offer a series of profiles that you can choose to like or not.

If a profile that you liked you also like then there is match and you can start a discussion .. And the continuation and well you know it!

Registration on Lovoo? Creating an account via Facebook ?

To access Lovoo, unlike others like Bazoocam or Cocoland, it will be necessary beforehand by the step inscription which is obligatory.

The great advantage is that you can register and connect via facebook! And unlike other apps, Lovoo does not fully pump your facebook profile, and even lets you choose to tweak it!

Note that each time you connect to Lovoo, you will have to allow the geolocation of your phone to be able to access the radar!

A website version in addition to the mobile application?

Because Lovoo also thought of those who are not fan of smartphone and other tablet! So it is available but especially accessible so much via the application that via the website!

I also find the website version of lovoo slightly easier to take and use, but again it’s my opinion and it’s only me! : D

Lovoo is Free or Paid?


The Lovoo app is partly free. In free version we are limited in particular on the number of profiles that we can like via the speedating, limited in the statistics (visualization of profiles to which we like etc. ..).

As a result, Lovoo offers a paid version that allows us unlimited access .. In fact the app is based on a credit system. In free version you receive 5 credits every day (as long as you connect). With these credits, you can unlock the profiles that you have met / visit for example;

So, at the level of Lovoo rates is quite correct, ranging from 7.99 € for a month to 45 € for a year ..

Credits System?

Because I did not tell you about it, but Lovoo works on the principle of credits. It is a kind of virtual currency, which also allows you to consult the statistics of your profile, I explain.

When someone visits or like your profile you will receive a notification. However this profile is blurred, and to access it must pay 20 credits!

Note that we receive 5 free lovoo credits every day at your login. And that it is also possible or to have free, finally to win!

Lovoo Main Features

Lovoo is an application dedicated to meeting people via mobile. Very practical knowing that we have almost all the time on us our phone!

The application integrates a lot of options, from the most basic to the most original. We find in particular the classic profile (quite complete), the ability to like or not the other members, a chat or instant messenger as you want, and even a geolocation lovoo radar of your contenders and contenders!

This is the latter option that made my heart swing towards Lovoo rather than another application.

Because even if I’m not a fan of dating near home, it can be very interesting! Especially if we join the app in the idea of ​​finding friends. Because yes, Lovoo is not content with dating only!

Then at the level of the features where lovoo now stand out from other app is that over time it has focused on the form of social network. We can share his moments of life, in photo for example. Photo that can be associated with hashtags (as on Adopt a Dude)! So the internal search takes another turn!

We can search according to our mood, or what we like etc .. Of the kind if at the moment I am kiffe on a series, I can look if other guys or girls have posted related photos and are also fan of this series. You know what I mean ?!

Lovoo’s Fake Profiles Problem

At the community level again Lovoo.com has some resources. The TV ads and the many sponsored videos visible on Youtube have helped the app to be known.

Good as any app victim of its success there is everything. Really many people, even in small villages etc. But there are also a lot of inactive profiles and fake profiles.

Pros and Cons of Lovoo

Honestly for the moment I did not find too many weak points on this application. If only a lot of members do not seem so active that .. I tried to “chat” with some but no answer .. Well, I sent 3 message and I admit that “hi it goes “It’s not too much of a hit, so that’s it too.

But, on other sites, I do not even need to send a message that I’m already talking on the chat. Well yes that’s it to be a girl! ^^

In short, I think a lot of positive Lovoo, and that’s what leads me to talk about it.
I find that the rates are correct in view of the work that has been done on the app. By that I mean the famous radar! I think it’s great !

In the blink of an eye I can see what are the cute guys and I like that are not far from home and especially where I am at this moment! This makes it possible to flirt on holidays, or on weekends outside of your home!


  • Available on all media!
  • Known almost worldwide, so a lot of members.
  • Very nice tools, including the radar.
  • Love meetings, but also friendly or ephemeral.
  • Very affordable prices for these gentlemen.
  • The social network spirit is very nice!


  • Too many inactive profiles and some fake profiles.

Tips & Advice

Well, I am a girl so I will give advice to girls! I would see some tips for the boys anyway.

So girls, focus on the profile picture before the announcement! It’s like on tinder if you know. So everything is done on the photo for games .. And this particular because of the famous speed dating game ..

Boys are more direct, or at least less shy! If we visit your profile 4 times in the day is that we like you !!! I know that you have to match before contacting, but remember that on the profiles in themselves there is the option ‘like’ so use there ..

Then, gentlemen, I hear that you are tempted to like everything that moves on the speeddating game, but when it matches, write us! Even a “salute ça va” is not original, but at least can discuss! How many guys I met and how many never gave answers!

Finally tip and tip for everyone, the hashtag option is not for nothing, and it is very useful to find people with the same affinities, so fill them!

Positive points of Lovoo

  • Lovoo is a free dating site with a large number of members. It is not necessary to pay to be able to chat with members. In addition, Lovoo rewards loyalty by offering us 5 credits per day of connection. These credits can then be used to find out who has liked or visited our profile.
  • Of course, the free version of Lovoo has its limits, as for all other applications and “free” dating sites. But I did not see its limits as something really “crippling”, unlike other sites.
  • Plus Lovoo is really easy to use. Whether on the app or on the site, Lovoo is nice and simple to use, and focuses on the essentials.
  • Finally, as on all free apps and sites of this kind, Lovoo necessarily has many false profiles, which is obviously not a positive point. But, I have seen many times that moderators are rather active. I saw many fake profiles deleted, without any reports from me.

The negative points of Lovoo

  • As I have above, we see more or less regularly false profiles. Unfortunately this is the downside of all free dating sites. Personally I live in a small town, but I imagine that in the big cities this inconvenience must be more embarrassing than at home.
  • Another disadvantage, if you will, concerns two of the limitations of the free version. First, you can only send one “icebreaker” a day (a message to break the ice), except in case of match of course. And we can not argue with new members, you have to wait a while before you can contact them. Nothing really bad in the end, personally I do not care, and at worst the premium version does not cost very expensive compared to other sites:
  • By the way, the premium version of course offers other small benefits not necessarily necessary, such as a little more visibility in games, an anti-ads filter, an invisible status …

My opinion about Lovoo – Conclusion

As I said at the beginning of this article, Lovoo is probably the dating site that I liked the most about all that I could test for the moment (a dozen). And for my part the results were rather interesting.

I could see on the internet that this dating site was often criticized by bloggers or bloggers. So yes, Lovoo is a free and fashionable site, so yes the fake profiles are relatively numerous. But they are easy to recognize. First, Lovoo displays a small blue logo on verified profiles. But hey, a lot of people (including me) do not have their profile checked.

Secondly, gentlemen if you see a woman’s profile with photos a little too … mmmh, how to say … well “a little too much” is the word, and well go your way. Especially if it wants to talk to you by skype or email. And ladies, do not be too nice, if a man asks you to call a number to help him because he is down in another country or I do not know what other story very touching … well ignore him It’s a really common scam that can cost you a lot.

To conclude, I like Lovoo. So I put a note of 4 out of 5.